Bangladeshi Youths to Challenge the Future: Now and Today!

This universe is such a volatile space that every day we are witnessing thousands of changes being happened around us.  Technology has been carrying out ever significant influence on the lives of people living at the any corner of the world. Social Medias, specifically facebook and twitter, have been recognized as the ever most vibrant media to communicate global issues to people who still don’t aware of the global transformations at a greater extent.

Even though I am a young business graduate did my graduation and post-graduation under the Business Administration from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh; but still I have another story which I don’t disclose most often. This is all about my passion and scopes of works which I have been deliberately serving for last couple of years. As a promising youth activist and change agent, I have been worked for and led ahead several grass root projects focusing global youth development agendas including: Environment and Climate Change, Poverty and Hunger, Education and Information Technology, Health and Social Justice and so on. Visit my blogs:

In 2011, I had been worked for the Khan Academy ( – an ever innovative online based education platform with a mission “a free world-class education for anyone anywhere”. This project won several global awards and recognitions including the most prestigious Google’s Project 10 to 100, Microsoft Tech Award- 2009 and so on. It was really a fortune that, I had been served a project which is aiming to make sure education freely everywhere through using online platform, apps and tech-interface. Know more:

Again in 2011, I served Bangladesh Youth Environment Initiative (BYEI) as the Head of Media Strategy for its different environment-centric youth level projects including Campaign for Green Champion (CGC), Earth Champion Project (ECP) and South Asian Youth Environment Meet (SAYEN) respectively. Know more:

In the same year, I have been served another project titled as the “Green Channel: Educating Bangladeshi Youths To be Eco-Friendly” where we raised required funds through one of the recognized online platform Global Giving ( This was an initiative which aimed to create awareness among the youth about making environmentally and socially responsible choices in everyday life. Know more:

2012, I had been participated at a ICT based Business Idea Competitions titled as “My Village, My Pride” which was organized collaboratively by the Global Communication Centre (GCC), Bangladesh Open Source Network (BdOSN), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Japan Embassy Bangladesh and Kyushu University Japan. Surprisingly, my business idea was selected as among best 10 ideas and nominated for the final round with due recognitions. Know more:

Again in 2012, I had been served International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches (IAAI) as the National Coordinator for its then hallmark global level projects Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest (GYMC). This project was aimed at youth to express their hopes, concerns and thoughts using online platform on the future of our earth through the resonance of music as a powerful expression that incites commitment towards sustainable development. Know More:

 Meanwhile, I had also been worked for UNCSD Major Group for Children and Youth as the National Outreach Coordinator and thereby dedicating most of my time, efforts and intellects to disseminate the Rio+20 Agendas among different local, regional and global youth networks. Besides this, I have also been serving several global youth platforms as the Country Youth Focal Point (CYFP) which includes International Youth Council (IYC), International Network for Environment (INE), Challenge Future (C:F), UNEP TUNZA Youth Network, Asia Pacific Youth Network (APYN), United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and several others.

Very Recently, I have been appointed as the Country Ambassador for “World Congress: On Access to Post-Secondary Education” which is going to be organized collaboratively by the European Access Network (EAN), Lumina Foundation (LF) and International Association of Universities (IAU).

As a young entrepreneur and social activist, I always strongly believe that ICT is the most effective option and force to reach out other youths and target groups, communicate sustainable development agendas and issues, and collect and disseminate ideas and knowledge having impacts on people’s lives around the globe. Considering these multi-features of the ICT, I am now planning to set up a Virtual Skype School Model which will be rendering educational services freely to those schools located at the remote part of the country and has no access to the information. Therefore; If I can have the access to join in the upcoming ITU BEYOND 2015: Global Youth Summit then it will play an ever significant role to come out with a new sustainable ICT based education model for my country as an outcome.

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Call for Bangladeshi Youths: BYND 2015 Global Youth Summit , Costa Rica, 9-11 September 2013

BYND 2015 is a platform for young people to ensure their inclusion in the most important decisions of the 21st Century. The Global Youth Summit: BYND 2015 will assemble young people from all corners of the globe with a view to highlighting their priorities and capturing their combined voice in crucial national and international policy and decision making processes.

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